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Innovating Brand in Multi-Family

Innovating Brand in Multi-family
Jun. 08, 2021

While physical amenities count toward a large portion of your residential experience, the way you define your brand makes a bigger impact on what your residents think of you and ultimately, what they spend (and re-spend), affecting bottom line.

Ice Breaker Resources, for the several years, has taken a strategic stance and have been executing constructive team building for clients to manifest our belief that EXPERIENCE INFORMS BRAND.

A truly resident-focused operator that embraces putting the resident first through “service with a smile,” responsiveness (especially in dire times) coupled with systemic training and talent/development program will far surpass those competing on physical amenity and price alone.

In the short term, this requires investment.  In the long, term it means investment return.  This is top-down, CEO stuff including emotional investment – not solely dollars spent.

It’s more than marketing, it’s Brand Innovation and Brand Marketing.

We plan to profile recent client efforts that have fully undertaken this belief and subsequent transformation in the coming months.

We ask that as you prepare for this weeks’ NMHC Annual Meeting in San Diego, you consider amongst your peers how you move forward to capitalize on this type of innovation.

Believe us when we say it’s worth it to secure talent who can take your resident experience and brand efforts to the next level.  It takes time, talent, and innovation.  When you’re ready to find the right fit, let’s talk.  Reach out here.


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