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COVID-19 and Seniors Housing: 3 Key Factors to Watch

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Nov. 25, 2020

The Seniors Housing Industry is no stranger to the effects of COVID-19.  Many seniors housing facilities have had to be placed on lockdown more than once as the virus continues to spread.  The other major issue at stake is that few facilities are able to let new residents in, leaving thousands of families in jeopardy.  It is more vital than ever that we look for the talent who can rise above the tests and turmoil this pandemic has caused.

Here are three key factors we’re keeping an eye on when identifying the talent needed to handle the current state of the industry.

1. Funding

In October, the Department of Health & Human Services announced that assisted living providers would have the opportunity to obtain additional federal funding—a $20 billion dollar relief fund–to help with the impacts COVID-19 has made, even if they’ve already received Provider Relief Fund payments. This funding will help many seniors housing facilities immensely. These additional funds that are being pumped into the market are first helping with talent retention.  When the right talent is not in place it’s direr than ever that the right person for the job is hired to navigate through these tough times.

2. Transparency

When there’s no transparency in matters of the senior housing industry it can lead to endangering staff and families, bankrupting facilities and their operators, and worst of all, killing residents. There has to be clearer communication between seniors housing leaders and state and federal policymakers. Open forums and open digital dialog with seniors (and their families) able to ask ‘the tough questions’.  This not only allows transparency but also accountability.

3. Technology

There are two ways in which technology is should be utilized in seniors living facilities, now more than ever. The first focus is keeping residents connected with one another. This can be in the form of digital games, message boards, and social media to keep everyone connected. There is also the use of video chatting applications such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. Just like the rest of us are doing, seniors should be shown the way and able to connect with friends and family. Seniors are starting to embrace Social Media and Video Calling for safe communication and information sharing.  Seeing the grandchildren grow has taken a different approach.

When you’re looking for leaders who will step up to the plate and fight for the safety of residents, staff, and families, look no further than our team at IBR to find the person for the job. Reach out.


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