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Active Adult Communities vs. Nursing Homes

Active Adult Communities
Jul. 14, 2021

Getting older is something we all inevitably face but rarely want to think about and plan for.  Oftentimes, a nursing home is what to comes to mind first when thinking about arrangements for our elders or eventually ourselves.  The good news is that the nursing home is no longer the only option for older adults looking for their next living experience.

Where Nursing Homes, Independent Living and Assisted Living communities all have an element of assistance, medical attention, and so on, so forth, Active Adult Housing is the newest housing option for older adults looking into Seniors Housing options and is quickly growing in popularity.  Different from the aforementioned residential options, Active Adult living gives older adults who are still mentally and physically well more freedom to live their lives the way they want to and carry on independently while they’re still able.

The reasons?  People are generally living longer, now, and they want to enjoy their active years while they can.  Likewise, individuals of the baby boomer generation aren’t ones to enjoy being told what to do or asking for help if they don’t need it.  This group of people does however like the idea of living in a place that requires little maintenance and offers things to do that pique their interests.

Most Active Adult communities are apartment-style facilities offering secure entrances, recreational spaces, scheduled social activities, and ground maintenance.  Prices are quite affordable and can range from $1200 to $4000. Active Adults 55 and older qualify for this type of rental. 

Developers of Active Adult properties consider these residential spaces the missing link in the Seniors Housing space. We anticipate seeing this trend continue to grow, along with an ever-evolving need for talent in this newer space. 

The team at IBR has multiple decades of experience in the Seniors Housing industry. When you’re needing to upgrade or refill a leadership role for your company, let’s talk.


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